Gummy Bear

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blogging to bring you a very important photograph:

Ta-Daa!!  So I know I don’t have an appointment until the 17th… but I cheated a bit and got to peek again!  Well, Olaf decided to give us a little scare with some bleeding so we went in to double check that everything is a-okay.  And it is!  Thank goodness!  Little baby’s heartbeat was 170 and awesome.  Also?  Olaf waived at us.  We watched it wiggle in there and honestly that was even cooler than hearing the heartbeat.  If you can even believe it.

I have decided that Olaf must be a girl, and must already have dreams of growing up to be a pop princess.  She just wanted more TV time so created a little drama to get it.  Proof is in the wave she gave us.  Drama.  Queen.  It’s slightly terrifying thinking that there is a little mini-Sarah in there but we are pretty much sure that’s the case.  What have I gotten myself in to?!?!?!?!?

It absolutely blows my mind that the little blob has already turned into a gummy-bear-looking-baby.  We have this one hanging on the fridge right next to the first one and it’s insane how quickly this baby is growing…

Really, that’s all I’ve got right now, folks.  The scare was not fun but I am glad that everything checked out okay.  I am also glad my doctor was 100% totally fine with me coming in for the littlest of reasons just to keep my nerves at bay… he is the best.  (He said if I start to annoy him he will let me know!)

I am very much looking forward to this weekend – we are seeing one of Brandon’s good friends on Saturday and I am excited to tell him about the baby!  Just a few more weeks and my mom will be allowed to post on social media… and then the whole WORLD will know!



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