It’s The Little Things – Bumpdate

Ok so I have decided that this week’s little thing will be my 8 week “bumpdate”.  I know they are kind of silly but I think you people may actually care about little Olaf, so here we go!  These will be few and far between at first, and then when I get closer to the end I will update more often.  I got these super lame belly stickers for “bump” pictures so I will just update when it’s time for a new bump shot.

By the way?  Hate these pictures.  I got a maternity dress so I can wear the same thing for each picture and I feel frumpy and gross.  Plus the lighting is terrible and ugh I really don’t like it.  Unfortunately since I KNOW we will be moving before baby is born… we don’t have a particular “spot” to take all the pictures.  Plus I just woke up from a 3 hour couch nap.  Moral of the story I think this sucks but it will have to do for now…

(especially because this is my “8 week” picture and I am already 9 weeks…)


Baby Olaf 8 Week “Bumpdate”

Weight Gain: When I went to the doctor last month, I had gained 1 lb.  I am pretty sure I have gained AT LEAST 10 more.  Not because of baby, but because of snacks.

Stretch Marks:  None, but I am already worried about them.

Movement: Just gas.

How I’m Feeling: Overall?  Really good.  I have moments of nausea, and I am absolutely exhausted at the end of the day… but I am not complaining AT ALL.  So far pregnancy has been a total breeze, and I would really like it to stay that way!

Sleep: … this is actually an issue.  Mostly because of the dog, not the baby.  Hula refuses to sleep anywhere other than right next to my belly – and she REFUSES to move.  I usually head up to bed before Brandon so I can fall asleep before he gets in… then when I wake up at 3 am to pee……. all bets are off.  Occasionally I will be able to fall back asleep, but usually I toss and turn and keep trying to get the dog to move.

Food: … is delicious.  All of it, all the time.  Snacking is out of control, but I think the reason I usually feel okay is because I’m usually eating.  I’ve mentioned before I am still trying to avoid gluten but I am not trying that hard…

Workouts: I have been doing a great job of sticking to my workout plan!  I had a 15 mile bike ride last weekend and I think that is my very top limit.  I have a few 20 mile rides scheduled, but since the ride at my upcoming triathlon is only 10 miles I have decided to max out at 15.  I will most likely stick to 12.

Maternity Clothes:  I bought one dress for the pictures above, and two tank tops (white and black) – but I don’t need to be wearing them yet.  Those tanks sure are comfortable though!  And I adore how long they are!!!  I have mostly been wearing dresses because there is more wiggle room in them.  Pants suck.

Baby Items:  I’ve started looking… but no buying.

Best Moment This Week: No real “moment” … but it is crazy every morning feeling that little ridge get bigger and bigger…

Looking Forward To: I am kind of looking forward to my next doctors appointment on the 17th… but I’ve already been told it’s one of the “boring” ones.  At that appointment we will schedule the next one (my 12 week scan)… and THAT should be a good one!  We’ll get to see little Olaf again!

Be sure to check out Jess and Ashley‘s blogs for other wonderful ladies linking up for “It’s the Little Things!”XOXO


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