Treat Yourself Tuesday

I think I may still be in a mild Vegas hangover.  The last week was kind of a blur… I know I did things to treat myself but they weren’t really anything too special.

The first thing I have done to treat myself this last week?  Well… the last few weeks?  GLUTEN.  Oh lord, all the gluten.  I gave it up for several months because I read somewhere that it helps with PCOS.  It wasn’t really that big of a deal, they had lots of substitute foods and as soon as I found a decent pasta I was good to go.  However… now I am pregnant.  Now I don’t need to worry about ovulating.  Now I am eating all the gluten!!!!

I can tell a few of the not-so-fun side effects of gluten are back… but if I get a little bloated after eating a soft pretzel, well, it’s worth it.  I am still trying to avoid it as much as possible… going gluten free really helped me not randomly binge snack on silly things… but man is it delicious.  Bread is wonderful, and gluten free bread is just not the same.  Gluten free BUNS are the worst and last night’s turkey burger with a real bun was a little piece of heaven.

Another thing?  Basin White.  Oh lord… basin white.  We stopped in this random shop at the Venetian while in Vegas because Chelsea was looking for cute soap for her guest bathroom.  Little did we know… this place is amaze.  I ended up getting three small bath bombs and oh man you should get some too.  They smell amazing and they feel awesome.  I actually used the lemon one last night!  It made my bath kind of look like pee… and it got cold really fast because I couldn’t get the water too hot (not safe for Olaf)… but man was it glorious.  Even for just a few minutes…

Another thing?  WTF cankles?!  Already?!  I have really cute little ankles and that picture is not doing them any justice… and man that bath really does look like pee!   Oh well, it smelled amazing.

Lastly – and maybe most importantly – I am treating myself to a little relaxation this week.  And probably for the next few weeks.  There is nothing I love more than coming home from work and getting started on cooking dinner (especially my fresh 20 meals)… but I just do NOT have it in me these days.  Thinking of cooking just kind of grosses me out.  SO – I am letting myself off the hook.  I pulled a few old (easy) recipes out and I am just not going to worry about it this week.  Maybe next week I’ll be ready to really cook again…  but my guess is it won’t be until the second trimester!

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11 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. I think that it is perfectly valid to be hungover from Vegas. I am hungover from March! It’s that adrenaline let down, Plus it doesn’t help that the weather doesn’t really feel like spring yet (at least here). I have always wanted to go to Vegas, mostly for the people watching.
    Now prop your feet back up in that tub and rellaaaxxxx. Enjoy!

  2. I want bath bombs!! I don’t care if it makes the water look like pee.
    Definitely let yourself go home and relax. I remember the first tri blahs well. I ate all the bread in the world because it was the only thing that made my stomach feel better. 2nd tri can be pretty glorious though! You’ll see soon enough! 🙂

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