Race Recap: Spring Sprint 5K

Good Morning!!

This weekend was a fun one with the Spring Sprint 5K I participated in with my dad and my husband.  It was a small race put on by a local church… about 1,100 runners I think.  We got there really early in order to pick up our packets.  The shirts they gave out were super cute – “keep calm and sprint on”.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they had a lot more runners sign up than they expected, so they had to order extra shirts, and the extra ones weren’t the exact same color.  So my shirt isn’t the pretty teal that Brandon and Dad got… but it’s all good!

The pre-race “expo” was really awesome.  A bunch of vendors giving out lots of samples, tons of food, live music, a bounce house… really really cool!  I was surprised at how nice it was.  We walked around for a bit and then went to sit in the car… it was actually really chilly that morning!!

We lined up at the starting line and then we were off!  The course was pretty simple and flat around the grounds of the church.  They had some volunteers helping lead the way, and luckily there weren’t too many strollers and walkers…. plenty of room to run!  I did a pretty decent job keeping my pace but wasn’t going to push it at all.

We all run at such different paces, we decided not to try to stick together.  I took out up front, Dad not too far behind me, and then Brandon bringing up the tail.  I am so happy that Brandon is running some of these races with me!!  He has a terrible back and so hasn’t really been much of a runner… but I think after seeing me do so many he is starting to realize that you DON’T have to be fast to be a runner!  I have a few more coming up with him… so it should be a lot of fun!!!

Anyways… the race was great.  I didn’t PR but I did do better than the Polar Dash a few months ago!  And I think that’s a win… seeing as I’m running for two now!  We were a little disappointed in the end – on the website we saw really cool finisher medals, but then when we finished we noticed that they were for those who placed… not for all finishers.  Boooo…. you know how I am all about the bling!  Well here is my RunKeeper info followed by the official race results.  They’re a little off because I started RK late… oops!


Also?  I finished 16th in my division!  Not too shabby!!

Next up is the community run I have signed up with my brother… it’s a weeknight local run so it should be an experience for sure!!  I haven’t decided if I am going to push it to try to PR… or if I am going to just take it easy.  I guess it all depends on how I feel that day!


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