Treat Yourself Tuesday – Vegas Edition

It’s Treat Yourself Tuesday, hosted by Becky at Olives and Wine!!  Finally… last weekend… I treated myself!  A LOT!!!

First off?  SPA.  We had spa appointments for Saturday and I could not have been more excited.  I also could not have been more angry when they said I couldn’t get my massage because I was pregnant.  “Company policy” says that they don’t rub down pregnant ladies in the first trimester.  UGH.  Luckily – they were able to switch me over to a facial instead.  It was a nice facial (except for the extractions part, ouch…) but it wasn’t my massage.  I’ll just have to wait until Mother’s Day weekend for that one (where I WILL be in my second trimester so take that!)

A few other photographs of things I treated myself to in Las Vegas……..

MOJITO!!!  The waitress suggested this for a good non-alcoholic cocktail and it did not disappoint.  Pretty much just a mojito without the booze and it was awesome.  I can see this becoming my summer drink of choice… funny I posted this on instagram and has a friend text me about how funny I was to post fake drinks to throw people off… hah… wasn’t thinking that but okay!

Pina colada by the pool!!!  It was actually kind of cold so we didn’t stay down there long, and we didn’t get in the water… but this was pretty delish!!  (& alcohol free it’s cool!)

I treated myself to lots of time in front of ridiculous penny slots.  Especially the Sex and the City machine.  This was one of my biggest “wins” of the weekend at the Wizard of Oz machine!  Twenty bucks!  Whoop whoooop!!  Also?  I started this game with a $20 and look how much I had won!  Niiiice…


I also got a scarf.  This is totally my new thing and I need to buy more of them and wear them with everything all the time.

I may have also purchased a black scarf in the airport on my way home because it matched what I was wearing and I needed it.  I may be addicted!!  I’ll do my best to treat myself over the next week… but I maaaay take it a little easy.  I did a lot of treating in Vegas and I think it’s time to treat my husband for once!  If anyone deserves it, he does!


4 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday – Vegas Edition

  1. I totally read $8600 and was like, “WHAT?! Why do I suck so bad??” But! A win is a win!! Stupid spa, but I know we will take baby over massage today. ;). I need a facial… Hmm… Either way, good weekend for treats!! 😉

  2. Wow, this is a beautiful post!! I’m so happy to hear you treated yourself with some cool stuff and some yummy stuff!! You work so hard and deserve every luxury in the world!! 😉 You’re beautiful!!

  3. Oh man, it must have been so hard to not drink in Vegas let alone get turned down for a massage! I would have started crying! At least you were able to switch over to a facial and enjoyed some tasty food 🙂

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