Vegas, Baby!

Today is the day!  I leave tonight for Las Vegas!!  I could NOT be more excited.  We have a few plans already in place… so let me give you the low down on what will be going on this weekend!!

Limo from the airport!  Chelsea is a sweetheart and ordered a limo to pick us all up at the airport to take us to the hotel!  There will be champagne and I will watch them drink it.

Hard Rock Hotel!  We scored an amaaaaazing deal on a queen bedroom suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.  It is not on the strip itself, but close enough.  And for the price?  Total deal.  Seriously – tonight’s room rate was like thirty dollars.  Since we will be getting in so very much past all our bedtimes – I’m sure we won’t be doing much other than checking in and going to sleep tonight.

Friday night we are having dinner at Stack – Mirage and then going to see The Beatles LOVE!!!!  I’m pretty excited about seeing this show.  When Brandon and I went to Vegas a few years ago, we had a drink at the Beatles bar right next to the show… but didn’t actually see it.  Originally we were taking our girls trip to Vegas to try and catch Britney – but SOMEONE decided to have zero shows in March… and honestly I think I am more excited about seeing LOVE than I would be for Britney.  Love her, but I have seen her before.

Saturday morning we have appointments at the Reliquary Spa & Salon – which we have read some wonderful things about.  When we get there – just to be safe – I am going to make sure there are no issues with the fact that I am pregnant.  I know that I won’t be able to use the hot tubs or saunas (booooo)… but I don’t think there will be any problems with my massage.  I can still lay on my stomach with no problem.

After the spa we have reservations at – OLIVES!!!!!!!  This has been a hot button issue.  Back when we first booked the trip, the first thing I did was make lunch reservations at Olives.  Then I got pregnant, and freaked out, so cancelled it.

Here’s the thing – I am obsessed with a dish at this restaurant.  I am not kidding when I say I have had dreams about this dish on more than one occasion.  If I were on that Food Network show where they talk about the best thing they ever ate – this would be it for me.  The problem?  It’s beef carpaccio.  It’s not just any beef carpaccio.  It’s beef carpaccio with gorgonzola polenta, parmesan, cipollini onions, balsamic reduction, scallion cream, and garlic aioli.  It.  Is.  The.  BEST.  (and thanks to the internet i can show you a picture and yes i know how gross it looks but TRUST ME)

The internet told me not eat it while pregnant.  SO – I cancelled the reservation.  I couldn’t even imagine going to the restaurant without ordering it.  Then I saw my doctor and told him about how I am so sad I can’t eat my salad… and then he laughed.  Told me to eat the damn salad.  Told me it was more dangerous driving down the tollway than eating a salad.  Told me that one bad thing happened to one person fifty years ago and now it’s a rule.  The chances of something bad happening to me because of a salad is so minuscule… I would probably be okay.  So guess what?  We’re going to Olives.

Unfortunately when I booked it the first time I wrote “patio please!” but when I went to book it this time they specifically said you can’t request the patio.  So we probably won’t get that… and that sucks.  But at least I’ll get my salad.

The rest of the trip is kind of up in the air.  There will be shopping and gambling and shopping and shopping…  I am not promising that I will not come home with an Elvis themed onesie for Olaf.  I think s/he needs it.


3 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. Have an amazing time!!

    My massage therapist is amazing and she shared with me the issue with a massage when pregnant isn’t laying on your stomach in the early months, but joint play because of the relaxin released by your body – so long as the therapist knows that you should be fine 🙂

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