Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

Jess and Ashley are the lovely hostesses for this link up!  This is my seventh week playing along… I can’t believe the blog is already that many weeks old-ish.  When I moved over from Blogger and started fresh I had no idea how much better everything would be over here.  Which brings me to my first little thing…

Number One – WordPress.  Not only is it cleaner, easier, and nicer… but I have been able to discover so many new blogs and new bloggers.  I’m really enjoying getting to “know” new people.  I’ve found some awesome link-ups (like this one) and really have started to enjoy blogging again!  I know that’s not all due to WordPress… I could have participated in link-ups before… but starting over has breathed new life into blogging for me.

Number Two – THE BLUEBERRY!!!  I’m having a blast comparing the little fetus to fruits.  I’m amazed that it’s gone from a poppy seed to a blueberry.  IT HAS FINGERS AND TOES RIGHT NOW Y’ALL.  The funny thing about infertility – we have focused on how to MAKE a baby for so many years, we have no idea how to HAVE a baby.  We have spent so many years avoiding babies and pregnancy talk and all that – because it was just so incredibly painful.  Now?  Now we have a fetus.  And we have no idea what to do with it.  AND IT HAS TOES!!!!  Not like I think you care that much but that picture is what Olaf (the fetus) looks like right now.  For the most part.  Today I am 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant and Olaf is the size of a blueberry and looks like that.  Color me amazed.

Number Three – Sorry I can’t even think about a third little thing right now.  I’m stuck on Olaf.  And I do want to apologize in advance for all the Olaf talk and baby baby baby but I just can’t help it.  I told myself that I wasn’t going to be one of those Mombies (like a zombie – mombie – zombies are all “braaaaaains” and mombies are all “baaaaaby”) but right now I can’t help myself.  My third little thing I can be grateful for is naps.  There you go.  Aaaaah naps…

On another note – because I know this link-up is a lot of other Moms – I need some advice…

Years and years ago we decided that we wanted to wait until birth to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  Then it became real and I want to know, like, yesterday.  Then the other day I heard that waiting is the new “trend” and I hate trends so now I don’t care about waiting.  Did you wait?  Why did or didn’t you?  Did you do something special or did the doctor just blurt it out?  I have always thought that those gender reveal parties are super tacky (because who really cares that much?) but then when I told my girlfriends we were thinking of maybe finding out they went nuts and insisted on a party and a cake and a photographer… and I was surprised!  People really do care I guess… and a party could be fun…  What did YOU do?


7 thoughts on “Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

  1. I (non-mom) say FIND OUT! It’s wayyyyyyy more fun to shop if you know. ;). I don’t like gender reveal parties for the same reason you mention, HOWEVER I do think Olaf should be celebrated with some kind of party! Maybe do a co-ed shore just because you and B have been waiting and hoping SOOOOOO hard for this?

    • That’s what we’re thinking! A girly shower and a co-ed shower because I know there are 100 of my mom’s friends lined up to host. And I’d be okay with a gender reveal “gathering” but not a party. That’s too “look at us!” for my taste!!

  2. Do what feels right for you and daddy. Don’t be concerned with what is trending or not. Besides, when you see grandma she will tell you (I already know). Love you! XOXO

  3. Mombies hahah that is hilar! It is very hard to avoid being a mombie =)

    We found out the gender at 20 weeks…is that the ‘find out’ week? Man I don’t even remember anymore. There was no way I was waiting. I needed to know to work on a name. We had a gender reveal party too. We just had pizza, and I made a cookie cake with the correct colour in between the two layers so when I cut into it …tada. I certainly wouldn’t go nuts with a party, but I love having friends over so any excuse is good for me. I personally enjoy the memory of everybody’s excitement.

  4. I personally had to find out! I am not good at surprises and I wanted to know so I knew how to decorate the nursery and shop for clothes. There is only so much gender neutral stuff you can find! However, I do know people who wait and they said it’s so awesome. But….I think I would go crazy without knowing!

  5. I love the name Olaf for the baby!!!! So cute! And we totally found out. I wouldn’t be able to take the suspense, plus it’s easier for decorating and registering. Ahhh!! I would go crazy not knowing for sure! Plus you’ve waited so many years, you should find out 🙂 I’m sure you’re so excited to know! I love the idea of a gender reveal, it’s such a special memory! Congrats!!

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