Treat Yourself Tuesday

Shout out to Becky at Olives and Wine again for the fab link-up!  Have I mentioned before how much I love the name of her blog?  Seriously.

It’s starting to make me sad how hard this is to write about each week.  This is my fourth week participating and I’m realizing that I really do a bad job at treating myself.  The only thing I have treated myself to over the past few days is NAPS because that’s all I have the energy for!!  Before naps it was wine and well… yeah.

Unfortunately I did NOT go to the farmers market or the arboretum last weekend.  It was cold and gross… and, naps.  I was telling Brandon that I am really looking forward to *looking* pregnant so I would feel less lame being such a slug.  Then he reminded me that by then I will probably be much more uncomfortable so I should enjoy it now.  He was right so I took another nap.

One thing is unavoidable in the Treat Yo Self department – I am leaving on Thursday for a FABULOUS girls getaway weekend to LAS VEGAS!  My friend Chelsea and I have been planning this trip since we scooped up an incredible hotel deal on Black Friday.  Yup, that Black Friday.  The one in November… a billion days ago.  We have had an epic countdown and can’t believe the trip is this week.  We are staying in an awesome suite right off the strip, have tickets to go see LOVE, and spa appointments booked.  PLUS – we have reservations at my faaaaaavorite restaurant in Las Vegas so I can have my faaaaaavorite meal ever in the history of the world.  (Seriously – I have dreams about that meal on the reg!)

So while I didn’t do the best job at treating myself last week – I will do a REALLY GOOD JOB of treating myself this weekend!  Not drinking (and not shopping while drinking) will help me save a ton of money… hah… and a lot of this trip is already paid for… so I don’t think it will be too big of a hit on the old bank account.  It will be good food, good friends, and a GOOD TIME.

I’m ready to leave now…


9 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. I’m sorry but a nap is a HUGE treat. I would kill for a nap right about now. Yesterday was a four, FOUR I TELL YOU, cup coffee day. Luckily I don’t have a little bun in the oven or else I would be sound asleep with only one cup.

  2. Naps are seriously the best treat EVER. I took 2 this weekend, both were over 2 hours… now you have me thinking that I better take a pregnancy test since I’ve been so sleepy lately, haha! You’re going to have a BLAST in Vegas – I can’t wait to read all about it 🙂

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