So I think it’s time for me to write about the last day of our Hill Country trip.  I have been DYING to tell you about the last day of our Hill Country trip.

I’ll get right down to it.

As you know Saturday was quite a day.  Probably one of the best days of my entire life.  Very early Sunday morning (at 3:30 am) I woke up and had to pee.  I laid there for a good 10 minutes, because Sunday was test day.  Brandon knew Sunday was test day and we talked for a few minutes if I should use this pee or if I should wait until I really woke up to pee.  What pee would be the “better” pee??  I figured that if I didn’t do it now I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep because I would wonder if that was the pee I should have peed with.  So I figured I’d just get it over with and go back to bed.  I have taken hundreds of pregnancy tests and they have all had the same result.  (Maybe not “hundreds” but well over one hundred…)  This test was a little bittersweet because we had decided this was the last month we were going to try.  After this we were taking a break and scheduling an appointment with an IVF clinic.

So I woke up, stumbled to the bathroom, and peed on the stick.

About 45 seconds later – this happened.


Holy. Shit.

I sat there holding the stick and staring at it for at least a solid minute, waiting for the “not” to pop up.  It didn’t.  Slowly my hand started to shake and my eyes filled with tears.  I ran back into our room and just choked back the sobs.  I *think* I said “I’m pregnant” but I can’t even remember.  Brandon knew.  And in true Brandon fashion… he slowly rolled over and said “Well that’s cool!”

He got up and we hugged and I cried and we just stood there staring at the test.  I just kept saying “oh my god oh my god oh my god…” and we were both in utter shock.  Can I remind you by now it’s like 3:35 am???  We got back in bed to go to sleep but we all know that didn’t happen.  We both tossed and turned and were just flat out shocked.  When we finally “woke up” I was going to burst and told my parents over the phone.  This is really happening.

We’ve told a lot of our friends and family but not everyone – and we still aren’t going to announce it to the world quite yet (so for all you real world friends reading this… ssshhh!!!!!) because it is still VERY EARLY.  I went in to the doctor on the 5th for a blood test and on the 6th they confirmed it.  I am finally pregnant.  After trying for YEARS.  We have a little baby in there.  Finally.  It worked.

I debated a lot about when to post this on the blog, and it was a hard decision.  I know it’s incredibly early – but if something happens – you bet I’ll be writing about it.  I also debated because I wanted to make sure to tell people I love in person… so for those of you who I know in real life and I didn’t get a chance to tell you yet… please don’t feel slighted!  I really think the best way to deliver news like this is face to face, and I just didn’t get a chance to see you all yet.  I can’t go much longer without explaining why my entire race schedule was just thrown out the window, and why were going on an insane budget. 

I have been sitting on this post forever, and decided to post it today because yesterday was our first doctors appointment – which is why I took yesterday afternoon off of work.  This is also the third “little thing” I talked about in yesterday’s post!  I am very very very very grateful for this little thing!!!  It is the size of a pea and has the strongest most amazing little heartbeat I have ever heard in my life.

So, folks… here you go.  The first of many blurry pictures of Baby B.  Due November 8th 2014.


17 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I have so many tears right now. CONGRATULATIONS, my friend!!!! I am absolutely over the moon for you and what a perfect, perfect ultrasound and perfect post for the first day of spring and new beginnings. I can’t wait to follow you throughout your pregnancy. GIANT HUGS!!!

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