Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

Jess and Ashley are our hostesses today!  I can’t believe this is my 6th week linking up already!  Time sure does fly…

Lets get right down to it.

Little Thing Number One: Travelzoo.  Seriously guys – this is the “deal” website you need to be hooked up with.  Because of the deals we have gotten on this site, I have had some out of this world amazing meals.  And tonight is no exception.  The mister and I are dining at the Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek.  Chef’s tasting dinner.  *Practically* for free.  I mean we bought the voucher a few months ago, and we will still pay for the tip and extras when we get there… but it is still a heck of a deal.  So all day today I will be going back and forth on my menu choices… foraged? aquatic? the hunt? sense of place?!?  I DO NOT KNOW.  At this minute I’m picking the hunt.  But that all could change.

Little Thing Number Two:  Time off from work.  I’m really lucky to work for someone who understands life.  I am taking off this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon for things that are important.  And it wasn’t even my idea to take the time off – my boss insisted.  And the more I think about it, the more excited I get.  I’m just so beyond grateful that I have a job and a boss who put my life needs ahead of everything else.  I know it would be different if we had a massive project underway, but right now we don’t.  So I am able to take advantage of the slight calm to take care of personal stuff.  And it’s personal fun stuff.

Little Thing Number Three:  It’s a secret.  I have a post tomorrow about this little thing.  Stay tuned.  I know the suspense must be killing you…

But seriously come back tomorrow and I will tell you about the third little thing.

You won’t want to miss it.



4 thoughts on “Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

  1. I agree that it makes a world of difference in your life when you work for someone who values your time and your time off work and never gives you a hard time about it. It definitely helps with the work/life balance. 🙂

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