Fitness Friday Link-Up

It’s that time again!!  Time for my favorite Friday Link-Up! – Celebrating the one thing we all have in common. A passion and commitment for living a healthy lifestyle.  It’s about sharing progress and successes. Not perfection.  Celebrate fitness. Celebrate good health. Celebrate friends. Celebrate fun.  Link up and check out the great health and fitness blogs for inspiration, motivation, tasty recipes and stories of determination and accomplishments! – Jill Conyers

I am so pumped up for the Triathlon.  Thanks for all the comments Wednesday about it!  I get more excited when people get excited with me.  I am still a little bummed out about pulling out of the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, but I’m handling it much better today.  I will probably be a little upset on race day, but I’ll get over it.  Nothing some patio time can’t fix!  Plus – that next weekend I am going to Las Vegas with Chelsea so I can just get excited about that.

ALSO!  I have entered myself and my dad in the Stonebriar Spring Sprint race as a surprise for his birthday!  (Well, I entered me… it won’t let me enter him.  So I will once I get him to give me his active password)  My dad is my original running buddy.  We got started together!  He trained with me for my (and his) first Half Marathon last November.  He has been talking a LOT about wanting to “get back at it” so I think this is a great gift for him!  I would love it if people signed me up for races as presents.  But I am also a crazy person.  I really hope he likes it…  anyways – here is a look at this week:

Monday: Swim 200 yards, Run 20 minutes

Tuesday: Bike 6 miles

Wednesday: Swim 300 yards, Walk 20 Minutes
I was so excited to do this workout – finally my swims are longer than 200 yards!  (Sidenote?  I don’t know if I am going yards or meters.  I think I remember reading that the pool was meters… but really I don’t care that much.  They’re close enough.)

Thursday: Rest DVD
I did a new DVD instead… More about that later…

Friday: Run 30 minutes  Run 3 miles
There’s something about minute goals vs. mile goals for me.  I prefer miles.  It took me a little over 30 minutes, but better more than less, right?!

Saturday: Bike 10 miles

Sunday: Rest
(I will probably do that DVD again, but not sure!)

I am really excited to celebrate Dad’s birthday.  He absolutely cracks me up when it is his birthday time – I don’t think I know anybody who loves his own birthday as much as my dad.  He even made me put the correct number of candles on his cake last year.  It was over 50 of them.  Almost burned down the house!  Kidding, kidding…  anyways my parents have been in Florida all week long – it will be good to see them tonight!  Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

There is a picture of us after finishing the Wine and Dine last year!!  I can’t wait to do it with him again!!!



6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Link-Up

    • Thanks! The triathlon I am doing in May will be my first one – but my dad isn’t doing that one with me. I’m trying to convince him to sign up for one a few weeks after to do with me! We will see what happens!!

  1. I love that you and your dad race together! My stepdad was a marathon runner when I was growing up… and I always wanted to run one with him! When I graduated college, I was going to start training for one, and I called him and said, “I’m going to run a marathon!” His answer? “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? That’s a terrible idea.” So needless to say, it never happened. LOL He still runs daily, but I don’t think we could do the marathon now… sad.

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