Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

It’s my 5th Wednesday Linking Up with The Little Things!! Shout out to our lovely hosts, Jess and Ashley!

Number One – MORE DAYLIGHT!!  Yeah yeah yeah, I haaaate losing an hour.  Especially because I am an early riser!  The morning is MY time!  I hate the first few days after springing forward… but once I am used to it?  It’s the best.  I love leaving work, driving home, and still having the SUN out!  The best summer days were in Lubbock.  Seriously the sky would still be somewhat blue at 9 pm.  It was fantastic.  I am really excited about having more sun around, and reeeeally looking forward to it warming up a bit!!!

Number Two – a husband that will eat whatever I put in front of him.  This is so amazing, and I really appreciate it.  Cooking is relatively new to me – I didn’t start playing around in the kitchen until I started to get healthy a few months before our wedding.  I had these three and four ingredient cookbooks and that was about it for me.  Can of something soup with some meat and bread… dinner!  Once I started paying attention to what I was eating, and cooking healthy meals, I was hooked in the kitchen.  I’m really drawn to recipes with strange ingredients and trying new things… and I love that Brandon will eat anything I serve him.  There was even one time right after we were married – it was this casserole where it called for a T of this and a T of that for all these spices.  T = tablespoon.  I kept thinking to myself “they MUST mean teaspoon…” but trusted the recipe (that I found on the internet).  I should have trusted my instincts.  It was HORRIBLE.  Brandon ate it.  He is not horrible.

Number Three – The SpaGirl Triathlon.  I cannot stress enough how heartbreaking it was to cancel that half marathon.  I also cannot stress enough how thrilled and excited I am to be participating in my very first triathlon this Mother’s Day Weekend!!!  My Mom and I are going down to San Antonio together and she will be there at the finish line waiting for me!  Tri training so far has been mostly fun – even though I have spent more time in the gym than outside.  (Biking in the mornings before work just isn’t safe outside in the dark.)  I try to keep my runs outside, but it’s been a big change going from Half training to Tri training.  I am really, really glad I still have this race to look forward to! (Plus, I love weekend vacations!!!!  My mom and I are going to have a BLAST!!!!)  Also?  I think it’s going to be awesome to tell people I finished a triathlon.  AND I promise you that wearing a tri suit makes you feel like SUCH a badass.  Seriously.  I kind of want to wear it all the time.



11 thoughts on “Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

  1. I’m seriously LOVING that it is still light outside when I leave the office. Although… it has meant staying up even later… which probably is not a good thing… but I just feel so much happier now that it’s still light when I leave! Love that Mom is going to be there cheering you on for the tri in May! That’s the best motivation… because I’m sure she will have already found the best margaritas for you both! 😉

  2. How exciting you will be doing a triathlon!! 🙂 That is on my list of something I’d like to do, but first, I’m training for my first half marathon right now.

  3. I want to see the tri suit!!
    And I am right there with you on the daylight. It took me a couple days to adjust, but now am loving leaving work with plenty of daytime left to enjoy. I feel like I have so much more energy in the evenings now!

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