Treat Yourself Tuesday

 Becky at Olives and Wine hosts a faaaabulous Tuesday link-up to remind us all to treat ourselves every once and a while.  I am trying to learn how to treat myself without spending a ton of money.  I got some wonderful ideas last week, and think I did a pretty decent job this week!!

I started a new book.  (previously purchased!)  It’s a book I have had on my kindle forever… but I realized that I do actually really enjoy reading, when I take the time to do it!  So on Sunday morning when I was heading downstairs to watch lame TV early in the morning… I decided to read instead.  I can’t even remember what the book is called… it’s about a guy who had to go home after his mom died to take care of his brother.  Oh and it was 9/11 and he was supposed to be in his office when the plane hit but he wasn’t.  So there’s that.  I’m a few chapters into it and it’s pretty good so far…  after this one I have a few more I can read.  Then, in the spirit of saving money, I’m going to read my Mom’s books next.

Also, please realize it will be impossible for me to write this post each week without putting in some Parks and Rec reference.  Just FYI.

Another thing I did?  Put on a new set of Jamberry nails.  (also previously purchased!)  I have talked about them before and do intend on writing an entire post all about them, but you’ll just have to wait for that one.  I put on Leafy Vine, and so far they may be one of my favorite patterns.  It’s crazy, but at the same time subtle.  You don’t see my fingernails coming from a mile away.  Also?  I work in a law firm so too-crazy nails are a no-no.   Side note?  I just went to the website to link to the pattern and I can’t find it.     So it may be gone.  So I am sad.  But hey – I am FINALLY getting the hang of putting them on.  Once you figure it out it is a breeze, but it can be a little tricky at first!  I like to put them on cold, and then apply the heat to seal them with a rice bag after they’re stuck on.  I also have discovered I must have tiny fingernails, because they go on a lot better if I trim up the sides a bit first.

Aren’t they fab?!?   Okay so I am looking at this huge picture of my nails close up and they don’t look that great but I promise in real life they are adorbs.  This picture was right after I applied them – and looking at them today… they look so much better!  And that’s after wearing them for almost a week already.

Another thing I did this week?  Watched a movie on Netflix.  While that isn’t free because we pay each month, watching the movie that night was.  It would have been really nice if I would have stayed awake for the whole thing… but let’s be honest.  Do you actually expect me to stay awake for an entire movie when we start it after 8pm?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

ANOTHER thing?  Naps on the couch.  Treat yo’ self.


11 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. Those nails are adorable! Definitely a great treat for yourself! Stopping by via the link up (which admittedly I haven’t written about yet. Ha). I’m excited to read more of your blog!

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