Hill Country Holiday

So now let me tell you about the rest of our vacation…

After that FABULOUS run I took with Chelsea, we came back to the house… showered… grabbed the boys… and headed down to the river with champagne, orange juice, and my special magic mimosa secret ingredient.  The weather was still super foggy and eerie and it was totally awesome.  We walked down to this little area and drank magic mimosas and just hung out.

It was a little chilly but not too bad… we can talk to these two for days and days.  Eventually Chelsea and I decided to explore the area…

It was just so cool out there.  I really wish we lived somewhere where we were that close to nature!  Sure, Dallas has some parks and stuff… but nothing like this.  And this is in their neighborhood!  It’s a private area for the residents of the community.  It’s so neat… if we go back this summer then we are going to go IN the water!  We sat outside and made a game plan for the rest of the day – winery, winery, dinner.  And that’s exactly what we did.

First on the list was Driftwood Estates.  This place was STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL.  The only bummer was that it was packed.  And they were setting up for a wedding, so the best part of the patio was roped off.  We had a nice tasting, and really liked the Alamo Red – so we got a bottle!  By this time the weather had turned to the most perfect weather you could ever ask for… so we sat on the benches and stared out into the hills and it was amazing.  We also got free wine glasses at this place.  Win.

The second winery was Wimberly Valley Winery.  It was really pretty and they had a really neat tasting room.  We did the same thing we did before – tasted some wines, picked our favorite, got a bottle, and headed outside!!  They didn’t have the same views that Driftwood did – but they had a big huge old school double decker bus that we hung out in.   I wish I had a picture of the outside of the bus but these will have to do.  We sat up there and drank and ate cheese and have I told you how amazing the weather was?!?

After this winery we decided that it was time for food – because really all we had eaten that day was cheese.

Enter – The Leaning Pear.  THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING.  Once again we sat outside and once again everything was so wonderful.  We ended up eating dinner at like 5:00 because we’re old fogies but it was so awesome.  That salad?  Blue cheese and figs and bacon.  That fish?  Those are lentils and asparagus and this post is making me hungry.

After dinner we hopped into the truck to head back to the house, to do more wine drinking.  Chelsea and I were having a goooooooooood time.  We also decided that Stuart’s truck was a mullet.  Business in the front, party in the back!!!

We drove back to the house with the windows down listening to down and dirty Texas country.  That day was probably one of my most favorite days with some of my most favorite people.  This trip was perfectly timed and it was exactly what we needed…

And Sunday?  I’ll save that for another post…


3 thoughts on “Hill Country Holiday

    • YES!!! I still can’t believe that day actually existed when I think back on it. It was like one of those fairy-tale dream days!! (the wine probably didn’t help the dream world feelings hahahaha)

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