Fitness Friday Link-Up

It’s FRIDAY!!!  Jill Conyers hosts my favorite of all time blog link up – and I love taking a look back on my week of training and looking forward to the upcoming weekend.  This week may be a little Debbie Downer – so I apologize in advance.

Before I get into the pouty part – I want to stress again how amazing my run in the Hill Country was last weekend.  I really wish I had a good running buddy in Dallas, because it makes all the difference in the world.  Plus the scenery we ran in was another huge bonus… just incredible.  It’s runs like that where I feel like I’m in my happy place!  I wish Chelsea lived here and we could run together all the time.  Wait, no, scratch that – I wish I lived THERE so we could run in all that pretty!!!!

Anyways – on to the week!!!  It’s Week 2 of Triathlon training, but that’s not new to me.  I have been repeating weeks one and two for the last month getting ready.  I’m really looking forward to next week when the runs and swims and bikes start to get a little longer!!

Monday: Swim 200 yards, Run 15 minutes Run 20 minutes
Also I feel it is important to let you all know I’m not using the training plan’s dumb run intervals with a NINE minute warm up.  I’m running my regular intervals.

Tuesday: Bike 6 miles

Wednesday: Swim 200 yards
I also did strength after my swim.  It had been a long while since I have lifted any weights – and I forgot how much I missed it!  I did a quick 16 minute full body circuit I found on Skimble, and it was perfect.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Run 20 minutes Run 2 miles
I was almost at 2 miles when I hit 20 minutes, so I just kept going a bit.

Saturday: Bike 8 miles

Sunday: Rest

You may have noticed, I am back on my regular schedule.  Originally I was going to run 10 miles on Saturday, and bike 8 miles on Sunday… but plans have changed.  In an attempt not to completely burn myself out, and to save a few dollars, I am not going to do the Rock and Roll Half Marathon on the 23rd.  I got choked up writing that last sentence, but I know it’s the right thing to do.  I may have been pushing myself a little too much.

You know that joke everyone says?  “Do you know how to make God laugh??  – Make your own plans.”  Well, that’s the damn truth.  I am very bummed out that I won’t be running the Rock and Roll… but I know deep down it is the right decision.  I am going to try to find some fun 5Ks around town that I can run.  There is one in Fort Worth on Saturday that Brandon and I may do at the very last minute… I have another one in April with my brother – and there are a ton of St. Patrick’s Day races this month I can run!  I even can wear my green sparkle skirt!!

It’s really hard when plans change – but sometimes it is for the best.  Most of the time it is for the best.  So I will just keep on keepin’ on and focus on some smaller, shorter distance, races… and I still have my triathlon in May to work towards!



5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Link-Up

  1. Sorry about the change in plans. It can be frustrating but like you said it’s probably for a good reason. You have a great attitude which isn’t always easy when you’re a planner and plans change beyond your control.

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