Treat Yourself Tuesday

I will finish telling you all about the amazing vacation (complete with a ton of pictures) later this week.  Today I am going to partake in a new blog link up!  It’s Treat Yourself Tuesday, hosted by Becky at Olives and Wine.  THIS is something I can totally get on board with!!  Treat Yourself Tuesday is something I think I am really going to start looking forward to writing about….

Not only am I a huge advocate for doing things to reward yourself, but I am a big fan of Parks and Rec.  Half the time when I indulge in something, I have Tom and Donna in the back of my mind… “Treat Yo Self!”

This week I have mostly been indulging in the little things.  When we were out at the wineries on Saturday we were eating cheese and I had three regular-gluten-filled crackers.  The last time I touched up my toenails I used a little bit of my faaaavorite lotion (that is reserved for after my long runs).  Usually I’ll treat myself to a new workout outfit… or a real pedicure… or a super nice bottle of wine.  I actually picked out a super amazing pair of running pants that I want to wear to the Rock and Roll Half – I *might* treat myself to them this weekend… but that’s a big might.

Why?  Dollars.  It’s funny because this week on the host blog, it’s about budgets.  And let me tell you this – our budget is about to get AIR TIGHT.  Like, no extra spending on anything ever for several months, no matter the reason.  Well, scratch that, it is officially air tight as of last weekend.  No more fun for me.  So I am going to have to figure out ways to treat myself without spending money.  Like, at all.  It will be difficult… but could be interesting.  That is my challenge for the next week, and I am open to suggestions.  What do you do to take time and treat yourself that’s free?

Tonight I may treat myself to a new set of nail wraps… I already own them, so technically it’s free… but not really.  Help!  I need ideas!!


11 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday

  1. Oh, this is SO hard for me. SO SO SO hard. My suggestion? Make friends with the library and do movie-date night at home… The Dallas library has all the new movies/tv shows and it’s 100% free… so you could do that. 😉 SO HARD. I want to know what other people come up with!!

  2. I don’t live in Dallas (I live in Denver) but I second using the library. I used to spend tons of money on movies & books and now I can get them all FREE (woot!). Don’t know if Dallas library will allow you to request, but I can request any book or movie and eventually it gets put on hold for me.

    Other fun free things? Denver has a website always featuring entertainment in Denver and sometimes there are free shows, concerts, etc. All of our museums have a few free days a year (some of them have a free weekend every month), and I’m always scouting Groupon for deals. Good luck on saving money…always a worthwhile thing to do!

  3. Thanks for linking up! I’m so happy you’re joining in on the TYT party 🙂 And wineries – I wish I would have been there with you last weekend! Cheap/free ways I treat myself – long showers, putting lotion on my feet (sounds weird but it makes them so soft!), giving myself an at-home pedicure, relaxing, unplugging – there are so many options and I can’t wait to see how you do it!

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