Fitness Friday Link-Up


Also? I took today off of work.  Also?  I’m leaving this afternoon for a little mini-vacation to the hill country with my dear husband to visit our awesome friends.  Well… I didn’t take the whole day off, really.  I’m half a day into overtime and will be logging in from home to finish up a big submission before leaving town.  I’ll probably only use an hour or two of personal time.  But hey… also? I may have taken my training plan and mixed it up… a lot.

So I have mentioned before that I am going to run a new race.  It’s because of a dumb email about a special medal!!  I just can NOT resist it.  If you run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon AND the MetroPCS Dallas Half Marathon – you get a special medal.  So DUH of course I have to do it.  I’m already planning on running the MetroPCS Race because I got iced out last year and they had to cancel the race.  Then they said that if you ran it in 2014, you’d get your 2013 medal too.  And for those of you who don’t already know – I ran a half marathon on the treadmill that weekend in order to say “I did it”…… so I am TOTALLY going to run it this year in order to get both medals!!!

Monday: Run 15 minutes Run 2 miles
I trashed the triathlon training schedule to “run” 15 minutes with a 9 minute warm up and just went out for 3 miles.  They were a good 2 miles, too… the weather was amazing

Tuesday: Bike 5 miles

Wednesday: Swim 200 yards

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Run 15 minutes Run 8 miles
Hahahahahahaha… yeah okay.  So I changed it up a little bit.  And honestly?  It sucked.

Saturday: Bike 5 miles Rest? Recovery Run? Bike?!?

Sunday: Rest

I really don’t know what the weekend will hold.  I know that I ran 3 miles at their place the last time I was in town and the HILLS about killed me.  If I get a chance to do a little cardio, I’ll take it… but I don’t think missing one five mile bike ride is gonna kill my training.  Half the reason I am jumping into this new half is to teach myself some flexibility.  So anyways….

Look at that… my run this morning was awful.  I could not get into it.  It was cold one minute and hot the next.  My toes were going numb.  I didn’t have the right fuel.  I got a side stitch that was so big and awful it was all the way up my shoulder and in my collar bone.  My hands swelled up (and are still swollen) … WTH?  I got home before my husband left for work and I told him “I’m never running again!  Running sucks!!!”  He said “okay, dear” and left for work.  Hah…  I just need to wait for the amnesia to kick in and I will love it again and I’ll probably register for the race this afternoon before the price goes up.

But anyways – mini vacation time!!!!  I am not going to lie – I really need this.  It has been one hell of a week at work, and I need a break.  So I am signing off for the weekend!  I’m going to do my best to not even check in on any social media sites… I just need a break.  I am very much looking forward to hanging out with one of my very best girlfriends and her husband in their beautiful house in the hill country!  Lots of wine & good times.



5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Link-Up

  1. Sorry for the bad run this morning, I’ve had a lot of these lately 😦 These are the one’s that keep us humble and make the good runs even better!

  2. Bad runs make us appreciate the great ones all the more! Sounds great but a bad run still sucks 😉

    I’m jealous of your 14 in 2014 progress! Not a single race this year 😦

    • Thank you so much! I’m pretty surprised at my race progress this year so far, I’ve lucked out with some fun runs and fun people to run them with!

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