The Orange Computer

So the other night we were out to dinner and were talking about ancient computers.  I remember the first laptop my dad brought home from work – it was HUGE and had an orange screen.  He would let us “play” with it… and I don’t remember much else about it.

So the other day I was at my parent’s house – my father asked me to come with him to the garage – and he had found the Orange Laptop.  He had NO idea that we were JUST talking about it the night before!!  The best part??  IT STILL WORKED.

Even better part??  There was a document titled “SARAH”… and yes… it was something I wrote 100 years ago.

It’s hard to read because the screen isn’t what it used to be… but it was amazing.  I remember writing it!  The date was 1997… which has been debated.  I said I was 11… I said my brother was 7.  I was born in 1985… He was born in 1989… so the math works.  Right?  Right.  (Right?)

Sarah B***** is my name.  I am 11 years old.  I go to B******** Elementary.  Next year, I will go to R***** Middle School.  I am in the fifth grade, but soon will be in the sixth grade.  Summer is almost here, so I am very excited!  I have a little brother named Tommy.  He is 7 (almost eight).  He is in first grade.  Next year, he will be in second grade.  He has a buzz cut.  I have no other siblings in my family.  My mother is named Kris.  She is 37, I think, I am not sure.  She is the nicest mom I have ever met!  My daddy is the best!  I have NO IDEA what his age is!  He is a banker, and works at Texas Commerce Bank.  He is not home alot, but when he is, we have the best time!  That is mostly about my family.

By Sarah B*****

How cute was I?  I was very impressed with my punctuation, although I did misspell “a lot” but whatever I’m almost thirty and I still do that when typing on accident.  That orange computer didn’t have the red squiggly line I have come to rely on.  The line that just helped me spell “squiggly” correctly.

So I know on instagram “Throwback Thursdays” are a thing.  This counts as that, right??


6 thoughts on “The Orange Computer

    • HA! I think this was the last year I thought you were cool… but don’t worry I think you’re cool now so we can just forget about middle school and high school…….

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