Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

It’s Wednesday!!  Let’s LINK UP!  This is my third week playing along, and the fifth week of the link up.  Thank you to Sara for the motivation/idea, and thanks to Jess and Ashley for hosting!  This week really has been about the little things… which is good.  There have been some not-so-great big things going on at work and so it’s been nice to come home and appreciate the little ones.

Louie.  I joked about how I was going to write about my purse but it’s not a joke.  I really do love that bag.  My parents got it for me (IN PARIS) for my 28th birthday.  I ended up spoiling the surprise by accidentally seeing a Louis Vuitton package in my parents closet… but was not expecting the giant tote!!  I do love the bag so so so much… it carries everything and it matches everything.  Plus I feel cool when I carry it.  (Sidenote – I’m not very cool in real life!!)

RunDisney!!  The announcement was awesome – and I was so excited to watch it right when it came out!!  They are having a Super Hero Half Marathon weekend in November at Disneyland!!  I think it’s SO COOL, but won’t be running it.  It’s the weekend after Wine and Dine.  And I’m already running 3 races this year at Disneyland.  I can see myself maybe trying to Coast to Coast in 2015 by doing Wine and Dine and then immediately going to the Hero race…  That could be cool…  I have no clue which superhero I would want to dress as.  Maybe I would dress as a villain?  Hmmm….  Anyways.  RunDisney is something that I will forever hold near and dear to my heart.  I have always loved everything Disney, and when I discovered they had races at the parks that was it for me.  My love of running is very closely tied in to my love for Disney and it just is the perfect marriage.

Speaking of RunDisney – running is one of the little things that is a big thing that is something I am so grateful for.  The picture I posted in this post is from my very first 10K.  I was so incredibly nervous… but did so great.  Seriously – I was 7th in my age group!!  I know that is because it was an extremely small race… but whatever.  Also?  I miss those pants.  I fell really bad about a month after this was taken and ripped them up.  RIP, pants.  Anyways – RUNNING!  I love everything about it except for actually running – that kind of sucks.  But everything else?  Amazing.  The runs and the gear and the friends and the training schedules… it’s so great.  I always have something to look forward to.  I know that I will not be able to keep up this crazy race-lifestyle once a mini-Bergman comes into the picture… but I know I’ll always be able to run.


7 thoughts on “Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

    • Oh yes they are! I’d never have one if it wasn’t a gift!!! I knew that I wanted a classic, and something BIG! I wanted to be able to fit everything in it. And it does not disappoint!! 🙂

  1. Wow you are amazing! I personally hate running, but am almost tempted to do a Disney race (like a tiny one) because I love Disney oh so much. I think it would be excellent motivation to move my bum. I saw the super hero race announcement, what a fun one.

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