Fitness Friday Link-Up

Soooo, I have been wanting to jump into this new blog by posting every weekday.  Eventually I think it would be awesome if I get enough readers and enough traffic then I can start trying out cool things and having giveaways.  I was sitting down on Thursday and realized that I had no idea what to post on Friday.  I’m digging the whole “link-up” thing, so did a little googling and found something amaaaaazing!

I found a great Friday link-up all about fitness.  Then I realized it’s not really very active.  Then I got sad, and then I went back to google to find a Fitness Friday Link-Up!  There HAD to be one out there… because I think that Fridays are a great time to talk about how training went last week, and what I have going on this weekend.  Plus I want a reason to take gym-selfies.  Aaaaaand then I found it!!  Jill Conyers blog seems to be pretty legit – it’s a new one to me but really anything fitness related is awesome.  The quick browse I have done so far has been all good things! 

So – about the link-up – Celebrating the one thing we all have in common. A passion and commitment for living a healthy lifestyle.  It’s about sharing progress and successes. Not perfection.  Celebrate fitness. Celebrate good health. Celebrate friends. Celebrate fun.  Link up and check out the great health and fitness blogs for inspiration, motivation, tasty recipes and stories of determination and accomplishments!


Monday: Swim 200 yards, Run 15 minutes

Tuesday: Bike 6 miles

Wednesday: Swim 200 yards
I skipped this.  I had a huge event super early Wednesday morning.  Since I am still in between actual training schedules, I didn’t mind taking an extra rest day this week!!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Run 20 minutes

Saturday: Bike 8 miles

Sunday: Rest

This morning I ran outside!  I almost stopped while passing the apartment gym to hop on the treadmill because it was kind of cold… but I am so over the treadmill.  It is funny – a few years ago when I decided I wanted to be a runner… I picked up couch to 5k – which I totally think is a fantastic program – and hit the treadmill.  I liked running for the most part!!  Especially how I would catch up on General Hospital (or back then – One Life to Live) and old episodes of Dr. Who… but I never loved it.  Then I went outside.  That is where the magic happens.  Even when its cold and dark and you’re running the same loop around the shopping center that you have run for months.  Even when it’s your 28th fastest run because your tri plan has you walk for five minutes to warm up.  Even when you have to stop because it’s time but you have discovered that you really, really, really miss those long distance runs…

I’m pretty excited about the bike ride this weekend… I just hope I can convince my dad to go with me again.  I made him mad last time by going too fast… oops.  I am pretty excited because this Monday is the technical official start date of training for my first triathlon.  The past 4 weeks I have dabbled with training, but it hasn’t been “official” – until MONDAY!  The first few weeks are pretty basic and simple – then it gets down and dirty.  I’m debating trying to get my bike out to White Rock Lake… but that would involve a lot of car-trading and coordination.  Sidenote – I need a bike rack for the beetle.

Another fun fitness thing?  I just signed up for my 5th race of the year!  It’s called “Run Together” and its on a weeknight and I’m totally running it with my little brother.  Also?  He joined a gym.  Also?  He wanted a training plan!!  So I wrote him one!!  And he thinks he can do it!!  And I KNOW he can do it!!!!!  I adore training plans.  Like, I love them more than someone should love things that aren’t other people or dogs or pinot noir.  I am going to write a plan for my girlfriend Catherine who I promised to run a half with in September.

Anyways – tonight we’re going to dinner with some of our favorite people, at our favorite restaurant.  Naturally that means that the work day today will drag but it’s cool because there’s steak & a VIP martini at the end of the tunnel.



8 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Link-Up

    • Sara – it’s not as hard as I thought it would be!!! I’m writing down lots of “that would be a good blog post” ideas and then I go from there… let’s see if I can keep it up!

  1. Hi Sarah, I was also just recently looking for fitness link-ups and found Jill’s! It’s great to have a place for all us fitness-enthusiasts! I recently started a “Shaping Up For Summer” link-up of my own, which will run every Saturday through May, and I would LOVE it if you wanted to link up your fitness posts. Hope to see you there!

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