Housebroken is my new term that has nothing to do with dogs peeing outside.  It’s my mash up of “heartbroken” and “house”….. and y’all I am totally housebroken.

A few weeks ago the mister and I decided that it would be fun to start going to open houses on the weekend.  We will eventually be buying something – and this would be a good way to get a feel of neighborhoods as well as help us decide what we want and what we don’t want in a house.  We have our apartment until August – so we have plenty of time.  Plus, if we found something AMAZING then we could jump on it.  When we were house hunting in Lubbock, we saw so many crap houses.  We walked into the house that we did eventually buy, and while we were standing in the hallway before seeing ANY of the house I looked at Brandon and said “SOLD!!!”…

The first weekend was normal – we saw four houses, and none of them were perfect.  The first house had an awesome neighborhood but the house was old and odd and smelled funny… the last house had a fantastic layout but the neighborhood was strange and it was way too far from my office.  The two houses in the middle were just “meh”… nothing like walking into our home in Lubbock.  So fast forward to last weekend.  I saw this house online, and all the pictures looked awesome.  They even had a backyard kitchen with a fireplace!  It was at the top of our budget – but it was still in the budget.  The house had only been on the market for FOUR days…  I was getting very, very excited.

Brandon was not.  Reminder – we have our apartment until August.

I walked in and my heart filled up.  Slowly making my way through the house – it checked off every single thing I need in a house, and almost every single thing I want in a house.  I was thrilled… and Brandon walked around with this sour look on his face.  I was getting irritated… he was totally a Debbie Downer about everything.

Sarah – I am in love.  This place is almost perfect, I can’t believe it.

Brandon – Um, yeah… I don’t know

Sarah – I love it!!

Brandon – I like it, but I don’t love it.

Sarah – Okay, what don’t you love about it?

Brandon – Oh I don’t know…. the insides of the closets.

WHAT?  THE INSIDES OF THE CLOSETS??  This is where I just shut down.  I was so mad… If he didn’t love it, that was fine.  However the problem was that he walked into that house looking for things he didn’t like.  I was livid.  He had a bad attitude about the entire thing.  We talked about it a little bit and eventually stopped fighting… but I still get stabby when I think about the closets comment.

The next day, I calmly asked him if we could talk about that house.  I said that I understood he was anxious about the whole buying-a-house-process again, and I assured him that everything would work out one way or another.  I also pointed out all the things about that house that were absolutely perfect for us.  I asked him if he would be willing to go visit it again – while both of us worked on looking at the house in a different light.  I promised to go in looking for things I don’t like, versus falling in love with everything… if he promised to go in looking for the positives.  Plus, we would go with OUR realtor who would give us the skinny.  She is a family friend, so I totally trust her judgment.  If she says “yes, this house is great, but I have seen several like this one and I know we can find something similar” – then I would be totally cool waiting.  If she said “there is nothing like this house in your price range…” then I bet you Brandon would be more willing to think seriously about making an offer.

He agreed.

The next morning I got on the phone with our realtor/friend and explained the situation.  She was totally game!  Thought it was a great idea.  Warned me about houses in our price range… she said she had a client lose out on FOUR homes due to bidding wars…

That night?  Emailed me.

House is already under contract.


We are still going to meet with our realtor next week to go over the things we need/want in a house.  She’s going to start keeping her eye out for us, knowing our timeline.  If something amazing comes up, we will jump and go see it.  But I think I have decided I can’t go look at houses until we are fully ready to immediately make an offer on something we want… because I am so upset we lost this one.  I couldn’t have laid a house out better myself.  Womp womp…..

I was going to go back up in this post and write out all the things I need or want in a house to further prove my point that this place was perfect – but I don’t think that will do anybody any good.  I think it will just get me all worked up all over again.  It’s time to move on – and I know the perfect house will be out there!!  It just has some big perfect shoes to fill……..


7 thoughts on “Housebroken

      • Yep. I understand. I’ve been lucky because I haven’t fallen in love with anything yet… but I’m fully prepared to lose if we do… because the market is so tight where we are looking…. I think there’s maybe 20 houses total in the area and 19 of them are FAR out of our price range. 😉

        We just walked away from negotiations on one because the seller was CRAY-CRAY. I think Tom is more sad than I am. 😉

        Buying a house right now blows. I keep thinking… if only we had been serious about looking last year…

  1. Sorry sweetie. Patience. It wasn’t meant to be. Your next house will be even better.
    We made an offer on a house when we were first married… I really thought it was our “dream house”. We were outbid and I was crushed. We waited several months to start looking again. The house we eventually bought was so much better than the first one. XOXO

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