Race Recap: Electric Zombie “5K”

I feel a little guilty writing this recap before writing my Tinkerbell Half recap… oh well…

I was really excited about this race.  Mostly because I was doing it with my little brother!!!  He started to show the slightest interest in running, so of course I went crazy.  For Christmas I went ahead and registered us both for the race to give him a goal to work towards.  Because really… running isn’t very fun unless you have a goal race in mind.  So on Saturday afternoon I put on my new green sparkle skirt (because they make me run faster) and Brandon drove us out to Texas Motor Speedway!

Here’s the scoop on the race:

Taken singly, zombies are slow, idiotic, and relatively easy to kill. Laughable even, with their witless drive and ungainly movements. One zombie? Destroy the brain. But collectively, zombies are an inexorable force, knocking down chain-link fences, busting through windows, treating your neighbors like bowls of spinach dip. They’re the ultimate union. And their collective bargaining powers can’t be legislated away.

We will run in the dark. we will have glow lights for you. There will be zombies on the course. But we think having fun and enjoying a fun run event is far better than having any real physical battle with Zombies.

If you finish your 5k run in 35 minutes or less you will receive a special glow in the dark Electric Zombie Run medal with a ribbon that says “I survived the Electric Zombie Run.” If your finish time is over 35 minutes – your glow in the dark Electric Zombie Run medal ribbon will say, “I was too slow. I am a zombie.”

How fun is that?!?  So Tommy was really wanting to “survive” and I was nervous about that.  I just wanted him to be proud of finishing – and not worry about the time.  My first 5K was like 45 minutes or something ridiculous… and I know he didn’t train like he could have.  But he wanted to give it a shot – so we got up to the very beginning of the starting line and were ready to go.  I said I would stick with him (even though I REALLY wanted to see if I could survive!)  But… I said I would stay with Tommy.

We got our glow sticks and made our way up to the starting line.  (sidenote – that glow necklace lasted about four seconds before I ripped it off.  No fun running in a bouncing plastic necklace)  We were so pumped up and ready to go – the course started in the middle of TMS and you ran out of the tunnel, around the speedway, and then back in.  I explained to Tommy how I run my races – the first 5 minutes I run, then my intervals go back to walk 1 run 4 until the finish line.

We got started and Tommy totally kept pace with me.  The first 5 minutes were great – especially going downhill through that tunnel!  It was exciting and “electric” and I was so pumped up.  Plus the weather was amazing.  After our first walk break I could tell that T needed me to slow down – so I did.  I kept back with him while we made it through the first mile.  After our first mile together, Tommy told me to go ahead.  I double and triple checked to make sure he was really cool with it – and so then I took off.

I finished at the clock time of about 28 minutes – but I know that’s not really accurate.  My RunKeeper had me at 31:09, and also?  Just under three miles.  So it’s not a “true” 5K which is kind of a bummer.  Once I finished I got my “I survived” medal and found Brandon on the sidelines.  I told him how confused I was at the difference of the clock time and my own time – and he told me that they didn’t start the clock until the last person crossed the starting line.  Which is great – because I thought how much it would SUCK to start at the back of the pack and have to make up for that lost time!

They aren’t kidding about that clock time either – the second it went past 35 minutes, the “I survived” medals were nowhere to be seen!  Right at about 36 minutes I looked over and was SHOCKED.  I saw Tommy TRUCKING IT up that hill.  I mean he was moving FAST.  I went “HOLY CRAP!” and Brandon and I cheered on the sideline and got to see Tommy finish in 37 minutes.  He was SO close to getting the survival medal – only two minutes!!  I was SO proud of him – he finished much quicker than I had expected!  It was awesome.

Tommy got his medal and I am so proud!!  The race had an after party with a costume contest, music, and a brain eating competition… but we didn’t stay.  I seriously can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of him.  And I think he was pretty proud of himself!  As far as the race itself goes – the route was kind of boring, but the zombies were fun to dodge around.  A little more lighting would have been nice… and it would have been nice to have it actually have been a real 5K.  Just pushing the starting/finishing line back .1 mile would have done the trick!!

I think Tommy has officially caught the bug – there is another zombie run in Dallas in a few months, and he is determined to survive!  He also called me this morning to tell me about a fun brewery race he saw online and wants me to do it with him.  🙂  Love it.



2 thoughts on “Race Recap: Electric Zombie “5K”

  1. Way to go, brother!! I’m super impressed with his strong finish!! I remember the first (and last) race I ran with my cousin… she totally kicked my butt… but it was pretty awesome to get to do it together!! Yay brother!

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