Linking Up – It’s The Little Things

Part of me switching over to wordpress from blogger is that I want this to feel like more of a real blog – and not just a lame ass diary on what my ovaries are doing and how many miles I ran last week.  I have a dear friend, Sara, who does these “link ups” every once and a while… she had a cute one posted today… so I am going to play!!!

I don’t know if I will play every Wednesday… but today feels like a good day to think about the little things.  The link up is “a place to share your heart, find encouragement & inspiration and be reminded that it’s the ‘little things’ that make this life sweet”.  And who knows, maybe I’ll get a few new readers in the process?

First things first – this isn’t really a little thing – but my husband.  Well, little moments with my husband.  The dumb ones.  The ones where he sings the “bork – it’s beef and pork – it’s bacon in your burger” song to me in the kitchen, just because he knows it gets stuck in my head.  (Thanks, Jack-in-the-Box!)  The ones where he starts to rub one foot, knowing full well he has no intentions of rubbing the other one, knowing that it drives me MAD and I will be shoving my other foot in his face for the next 20 minutes until he eventually caves and evens them out.  The ones where we are sacked out on the couch and he’s holding hands with the dog…

Other little things?  Bulletproof coffee (more on that later).  StitchFix (more on that later, too).  Running shirts with thumb holes.  The new way I have discovered to get to and from work.  Satellite radio.  Pinot noir.

This is fun.  I could go on for days!  But I won’t… I’ll stop here.  The last little bit of coffee is cold and my hair is still soaking wet.  Speaking of hair, pretty sure I’m chopping most of it off this afternoon… which is super exciting!  I haven’t cut my hair (more than a trim) in about 6 years.  Seriously.  I have so much hair right now I can’t even get my swim cap to stay on.

So there you have it, my first link-up!



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