An Introduction

I am no good at naming posts.  Just can’t do it.  I get overwhelmed and it’s really pointless anyways because the post title never has really anything to do with the content.  Most of the time.  Anyways it’s just an awkward process for me and I don’t like it.


So – hello.  I was going to move everything from my old blog over to the new blog, but I think I have decided against it.  I needed a “fresh start” a come to the new blog.  It is time for a change, again.

I did this a few months ago – and I kept everything the same, just hid the old posts.  They’re still there – I still see them – and they bother me.  I don’t want to delete them forever, but I think I need to start over again from nothing.

Please hang in there while I get wordpress figured out… and while I obsessively change the look and feel of this thing before settling on something!

For those new readers – my name is Sarah.  I run a lot and I am trying really, really hard to have a baby.  That is me in the picture, with my furbaby Hula.  My most important role in life is wife.  My husband is a special breed of awesome and his name is Brandon.  I talk enough for the both of us and he always does the dishes.

Stick around and I promise to try to make this blog the most awesome of all the blogs I’ve done – and there have been a lot of them.




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